John Richardson - Making Movie Magic

Cossham Hall       28 April 2020    13:00

Oscar-winning special effects supervisor and designer John Richardson has been involved in more than 60 movies, ranging from nine James Bond adventures to the Harry Potter series, Aliens, Superman, A Bridge Too Far, Straw Dogs and The Omen.

He has enjoyed a 50-year career in the film business, was Oscar-nominated five times and won the accolade for Aliens in 1986. In creating the magic that flows through these films, whether producing futuristic gadgets or breathing life into creatures that amaze or haunt filmgoers, John holds a special place in cinema history.

He learned his trade from his father Cliff, a special effects pioneer, and by building on that work and pushing boundaries further, John not only produced a convincing end result but also ensured none of his stars were ever injured. He says: "The way films are made nowadays is so different to the way we used to work... I feel very lucky and very privileged to have had such amazing times."


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John Richardson - Making Movie Magic (76)

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